From the New EP..

Dvala’s new EP..

New EP by Dvala

Dvala - Vargtimmen (Unplugged in the Pojkrum)

Dvala's Official Facebook-page

May I refer you once more to our facebook-page?

New filthy tune by Dvala.. 

People tell policemen
They’ve met their match
Down in them desert sands
Mudhoney won’t catch

New Song Comming Soon, stay tuned..

It will sound like a mix of Stoner Doom, swedish folk music and all bands that where signed on Amfetamine Reptile in the 80s-90s!

Dvala played together with this excellent sludge band yesterday, and their gig was one of the best I’ve seen this year..

I'm almost to excited about playing live this weekend. We have been away from the stage for too long..